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Unlike brick-and-mortar nutritionists and personal trainers, our online coaches never clock out! We're available 24/7 and we LOVE to be "bothered," so you never have to face another workout, ice cream craving, or fitness decision alone again!

We'll expertly guide you towards the flat tummy and toned arms you've always wanted, at a fraction of the cost of traditional coaches.

We can help you whether your goals are sport-specific, health-related, weightloss focused, strength building, or just good ol' fat loss! Yes we're affordable, but more importantly, we're effective! With no surprise upfront fees, or long-term contracts — try us out with zero risk!

Meet our founder

jake'S STORY

"I was fat, sick, and slowly killing myself."

By 18, I was overweight, and extremely unhealthy. Smoking, drinking, and so miserable! I tried every diet—sometimes succeeding (but only for a few weeks), and other times ending up far worse. And every time I failed I convinced myself that the answer was to run more, starve myself more, or just have more willpower!

Sadly, I was wrong... but I

wouldn't find out until much later about the myths and lies engrained in the fitness, nutrition, and health industry. These myths are why so many people end up

unhappy, unhealthy, & unable to

achieve their goals. Luckily for me… I found a top personal trainer in England. His name was Matt. Matt showed me simple and FUN ways to start achieving fat loss, and he helped me FINALLY get the fit body I'd always dreamed of. My personal weightloss journey

Led me to discover my purpose and passion:

to help others get their dream bodies too. 

Jake Davis |

Body Upgrade Founder | 

Triple Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

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All our nutritionists and trainers are highly rated and cerified nutritionists and personal trainers, sign up today and Jake will pair you with one of Body Upgrade's online trainers to help you finally achieve your fitness goals.