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jake davis | Founder

Jake is a triple certified nutritionist and personal trainer working in fitness for over 16 years, and the founder of Body Upgrade, to learn more about Jake watch the video below or visit our About page.

Celebrity Trainer | Justin Hagen

Meet Justin Hagen, this celebrity trainer has trained countless A-List celebrities and is now available to you exclusively at Body Upgrade. Get a celebrity trainer without having to pay thousands of dollars! 

kevin barry

My name is Kevin Barry and I am a certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience training all different types of clientele. From collegiate athletes to 60 year old men with hip replacements, I’ve become well versed in working with a variety of people. Being a former athlete, I tend to gear all my programs and routines towards an active lifestyle. Getting in the best shape of your life that fits into your lifestyle is my goal. 

 I have my bachelors degree in science from the University of Louisville majoring in Health & Wellness. I am certified as a personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine with other certifications in functional movements (FMS) and Crossfit.Helping people blend their unique lifestyle with a great fitness plan is my main goal! It’s not realistic for everyone to hit the gym 5-6 days a week for hours at a time, that’s why I love to develop programs to be efficient and molded to you specifically. I’m hoping to enhance your life by changing your old unhealthy habits to new healthy ones that last forever.

David vorenkamp

My name is David Vorenkamp and I was born and raised in San Diego, California. My journey into health and fitness started young, as I was always active as a kid, playing as many sports as I could squeeze into my schedule. 

When I got to college, I bounced around between majors, starting with Electrical Engineering, then Accounting, but nothing felt right. Finally I stumbled upon Kinesiology, the study of the human body and movement, and I found my passion. 

I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology (minor in nutrition) in 2009. Before I graduated undergrad, I began personal training at the school gym and I got such happiness out of helping others better themselves. I've been involved in all different aspects of well-being over the years and have soaked up lots of great information that I love passing on. I enjoy assisting people of all ages, athletic abilities, and knowledge levels with discovering and empowering them on their own health and fitness journey.

Chelsey Rose

My name is CHELSEY ROSE I am from San Diego California and I am a certified health coach, a certified personal trainer, an influencer, accountability partner and a health and wellness blogger. I have been creating online fitness plans and meal plans for women all over the world for the last four years! 

In college I had an interest in psychology and behavioral sciences but I also had a love for health and fitness and didn’t know which route to take. 

Helping women achieve their health and wellness goals by understanding the psychology behind why they do what they do and helping them understand how to make healthy choices has been the perfect combination of the two.I hope to continue helping as many women as I possibly can for years to come!

Chandler Mikos

My name is Chandler Mikos and I am so excited to share with you everything I learned over these years about personal training and nutrition! 

My life began not with fitness but with the pain and frustration of being unfit and out of shape. I truly believe the help I give to change someones life is based on my own struggles with health. It’s one thing to read and study it’s another to struggle and fight for your own goals. 

I wasn’t born fit. 

That’s what I’ve tried and succeeded in doing for so many clients over these years, help them avoid all the pitfalls I made and reach their goals, I can show you that you can have an amazing life and never diet ever again! 

Night and day, I’ll be that extra arm to get you to your goals!

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