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Meet Diana | Testimonial

I’m 26 years old, work for a big corporation 45-60 hours a week. Work/life balance has always been very important for me as well as my health. in 2015 I was in the best shape of my life. I weighed 135, ran my first marathon, was a full time student, full time job, had a boyfriend...

However all that changed in 2016. I went through the worst breakup, started partying every day, got a job promotion, moved to a new  city, and so on... All of a sudden I didn’t fit into any of my clothes and I noticed that in all of my pictures my face was so chubby. I knew it was time for a change but with working so many hours I knew that I needed help.

My monthly gym membership was not doing it for me, I needed professional help and motivation. There was no way I could afford Jake in person, and he is also 100 miles away from me, he then offered to do a consultation and told me about his online program. I instantly was interested with all the perks he offered such as:

–    Skype appointments
–    Customized workout plans and app
–    Customized meal plans
–    As many emails/texts as I want
–    Fitness tests
–    and so much more.

He then asked me about my goals and what I want to look like and we are now working together towards one goal. I love that he’s a real person and if I need any health advice or if I have 1-10 silly questions he gets back to me as soon as possible. If a muscle is ever feeling funny he never risks an injury, but if I’m being lazy he also pushes me to my full potential. Not once has he made me “diet” instead we’ve made better choices.

He understands that life happens and if I happen to go out and eat for a friend’s birthday or vacation I can always send him a copy of the menu and he guides me to make better decisions without feeling guilty nor deprived. If I were to be anywhere without a gym he can still send me a full body workout. This means no excuses and dedication.

These last 3 months have been an amazing journey as I see the results and feel great! I feel stronger and leaner by the day. people are starting to see my progress and working out has become a part of my routine and schedule. I told myself and Jake that I didn’t want to constantly weigh myself. I did when I first started working  with him but as of now I’m just measuring myself, taking before and after pictures, and of course the way I’m fitting into my clothes shows me that it’s working.

I still have a long way to fit into my favorite jeans or look like my goal but I’m definitely motivated to continue to put in work. It fascinates me to see what my body is capable of and my mind too. I just signed up for a half marathon that I will be running in 2 months and look forward to have Jake customize my workout plan accordingly to not only finish but end with great time! Thank you for coming into my life and even though you’re not physically with me to hold my hand, you still put in the work to make me better and keep me accountable. I would recommend Jake to anybody who is ready and determined to work towards their dream body 100%.


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