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I’m a 43 years old man married with 2 children and working 12 hours a day, 36 inch waste weighing 185lbs or 13.5 stone not of muscle but of fat, drinking too much and eating all the wrong things, that was me November 2014.It was time for a change!I knew my very good friend Jake was a top trainer in L.A. At the same time I had enrolled to ride a bike from London to Paris in aid of Macmillan’s cancer support.I sign on the dotted line and then reality hits me, I have to ride a bike from London to Paris! I hadn’t been on a bike for more than 20 years, well not for any length of time.So I e-mail Jake who and asked for help. Jake starts me of on a gentle work plan every morning for 4 weeks, I was finding it hard to start, mainly because I was suffering from Lyme disease which I had no idea I had, so after some anti-biotic and getting back to full strength the real work started.Jake explained how food works for the body when combined with exercise and how my habits rather than my will power had been holding me back. Jake helped me with what I should be eating and how many times per day, mainly high protein to build muscle and plenty of green vegetables, fruits and nuts, plus a protein shake after circuit training mixed with juice and protein shake after the bike but just with water, I started to see better results I was putting muscle mass on and losing the fat, by July the time of the ride I was in good shape the goal now was to complete the ride which I did in 4 days in 40 degree heat.After the ride I still wanted to continue toning my body and try to find my six-pack in time for the summer vacations.This was the final step for me, Jake made me one last eating plan and training plan, and this was going to be hard! No dairy, no pasta, no bread and NO ALCOHOL!!!I can honestly say within 10 days I had lost another 1 inch of my waste from 34 inch waste to 33 and the weight was still dropping off, in the end I could see my six-pack I was toned and I felt great I guess I was on or just above 10% body fat. This was all without counting calories!Jake has succeeded in transforming my health my eating habits and most of all my self-confidence, on the beach this year I was not worried about taking my T-shirt off.At the start I weighed 13.5 stone or 189lbs mostly fat.The End of the training course 11.8 stone or 165lbs with 10% body fat and toned muscles.Thanks Jake,You have turned my life around.

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