Founder | Meet Jake Davis

My personal trainers and I build individualized online workouts and nutrition programs to guide you to your best health and fitness. We work with clients worldwide at an unbeatable low price.

The difference is REAL PEOPLE. We're not just an app.

We can help you achieve your goals whether they're sport-specific, general wellness, building strength, or good ol' fat loss! My online personal training services are affordable, but more importantly, effective!

Unlike gyms or other trainers, there are no surprise upfront fees and no long-term contracts — I’m with you for as long as you need me!


By the age of 18, I was very overweight, and very unhealthy.

I was smoking, drinking, and just plain miserable! I tried every diet—sometimes succeeding (for a few weeks) and other times ending up far worse. I truly believed that the answer was to run more, or have more willpower, or maybe I just had "bad genes" and I’d never be fit!


There are a wealth of myths and lies about fitness, nutrition, and health, and I was falling for all of them. This is why countless people end up so unhappy, unhealthy, and unable to achieve their goals.

But then, a Miracle Happened…

I met Matt Kendrick, a top trainer in England who was from my hometown. He began to show me simple and fun ways to start achieving what most of us want: fat loss! 

He helped me FINALLY attain the fit body I'd always dreamed of. I finally felt fit and in control! My own weightloss journey led me to discover my purpose and passion: helping others achieve their best body.

Since then I’ve trained under some of the best trainers in England and America, I've earned accolades, credentials, and certifications from the National Personal Training Institute and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

I am also currently a certified Nutritional Consultant.

The hardest part is taking the 1st step. 

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