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Get Real Results in 90 Days
Get started on your weight loss plan with this FREE e-book
Tired of diets that don’t work?
If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably tried a lot of things to lose weight. And yet, none of them have succeeded. Too often, people looking to lose weight blame themselves instead of the diet or exercise routine they’ve chosen.
Make a plan that works for you
For most people looking to get into better shape, the problem isn’t them, it’s the program they’ve chosen. They either chose a diet that doesn’t fit their body type, they set unrealistic goals, or they don’t get help.
Why Body Upgrade Is Different
Our approach is different because we focus on what works for YOU. Download our FREE guide to creating your personalized 90 day plan that will put you on the path to losing weight, feeling better, and discovering a whole new you.
Why 90 Days?
Too many diets force you to make immediate, dramatic lifestyle changes. But that’s simply not realistic. Research and our experience shows that 90 day programs have the highest success rates for adopting new exercise and eating habits, the keys to losing weight.
Inside "A New U in 90 Days"
Get a sneak peek of what you’ll find in this FREE e-book.
Why your diet isn’t working
Not all diets are built the same, nor are they for everybody. Learn the top 4 reasons why your diet isn’t working.
How to pick the right diet for YOU
We’ve summed up the most successful diets so you can find the program that will have the biggest impact for you.
How to choose a workout plan that works
We show you how to build a workout plan that will not only help you lose weight, but that will be affordable and even enjoyable.
How to set yourself up for and measure success
Get everything you need in order to succeed. We show you how to start—and stick—to your program. And how to keep track of your results.
A New U in 90 Days is chock full
of bonus content, including:
• Goal & Motivation worksheets
• A healthy fast food guide
 Food cheat sheets and shopping lists
 Results Tracking worksheets

The Author

Jake Davis | Body Upgrade Founder
Jake Davis knows what it’s like to be overweight. By age 18, he was extremely overweight, eating junk food, smoking, and just generally feeling bad. After trying—and failing—countless diets and exercise programs, he finally met a trainer who showed him how to achieve his weight loss goals while also having fun!
Today, Jake has helped thousands of people who just want to look and feel better. He’s earned accolades, credentials, and certifications from the National Personal Training Institute and National Academy of Sports Medicine, and is a certified nutritional consultant. 
And he’s here to help you.
Stop wasting time and start feeling great.
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