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My fitness journey with Jake began shortly after I hit a plateau. Wanting that toned, strong, svelte body that every female today dreams of, I was not happy with the trainers I was finding and felt like I hit a wall. My body was not changing, so I decided to save the money and go at the goal alone. But one internet search and one flip of the latest issue of Cosmo later, I was overwhelmed with the plethora of fads, myths, workout plans and “facts” out there, some of which seemed to outright contradict themselves. I was left even more confused than when I started. Did I want a bigger butt? Sure. Did I want to get rid of those pesky bat wings? Totally. Did I want a toned tummy in only twenty days? Absolutely. But with every article—seemingly aimed at thousands of women at once— I was beginning to wonder which exercises and regimens would work personally for the goals I had set out for my own body.

Overwhelmed, I delved back into the internet rabbit hole and decided to give online training a try. After much research and some trial runs, Jake’s site was the end of my quest for a trainer. The initial difference between his and other online training companies was that my phone calls or Skype sessions were always answered by Jake, and not by one of the multitude of trainers working for that company. As Jake taught me, working out is a comprehensive feat unique to your body.  Another trainer looking at my numerical stats would not know ME— my habits, my genes, my personal preferences or the full evolution of my progress. Jake was so accessible—I felt that I had someone who was there every step of the way, catering to my own unique questions and goals.

Apart from his fun and welcoming personality, Jake had two other qualities that I had yet to see in another trainer—his astounding knowledge of both anatomy and nutrition. The former came in handy when I was once again struggling with a sore knee, a problem I had faced for years when working out. Jake attributed the soreness to tight hips and assigned exercises that within a few weeks alleviated my pain. I was confident when working out that I was in correct form, not hurting my body by doing exercises incorrectly or non-effectively.

Unlike anyone else, Jake also showed me the utmost importance of nutrition. Nutrition is just as, if not more, important than just doing the exercises.  Jake’s vast knowledge of our body’s metabolism gave me an entirely new perspective on fitness and the importance of eating correctly. Jake never made me diet or deprived me of foods that I loved. He simply showed me, on a metabolic level, how to time food intake to aid our body in optimal muscle shaping and fat loss. Not once did I weigh myself, as Jake debunked many food and fat loss myths, the biggest one being that the number on the scale is all that matters.

After a few months of working together, I now have the toned figure I always wanted. My strength has improved astronomically. My arms, legs, butt, and back have all undergone a transformation. I lost weight, but still feel womanly. I have muscle, but am not bulky like so many women fear of being while lifting weights.  Jake made exercising less scary.  And after seeing results, even fun. Finding him was the best gift I could give to my body. I feel strong, sexy, and knowledgable about my health. I feel like I can do anything.

THANK YOU Jake!!!!!


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