I started training with Body Upgrade a little over a year ago. One thing I have always had an issue with is maintaining a consistent weight. After having 4 hernia surgeries and a minor back issue that flared up from time to time, I only exercised using my body weight (due to fear of injury) which caused me to burn out because of repetition and boredom. 

After a year of training with Jake, he has built up confidence in myself, pushing me passed goals I never even knew were imaginable. I am now lifting weights again (after not doing so for 10 years), cycling, and training more than I ever thought I could. My previous injuries have never been an issue as I hit personal goals almost every week and work has even picked up in my acting career and I’m the biggest and fittest I’ve been in my career. I can’t thank Jake enough for reminding me of what the body is capable of once you believe in yourself.