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Jake was amazing!

I lost weight successfully with his guidance and tips. He held me accountable everyday and was always available throughly explaining my dos and don'ts of eating. I changed my eating habits and learned how to have a healthier lifestyle. Thank you! 

Jake was great to work with!

He gave me good advice and made sure I was taken care of as a client.

"Happy with my workouts and meal plans!"

Will review again later with progress photos but I feel very catered to and am happy with my workouts and meal plans!

"The Guidance, Tips, and Positive support really help"

It's been great getting daily follow-up from the nutritionist/trainer. The guidance, tips, and positive support really help as I've been getting on board with the plan.

"not just cut and paste responses"

Nice guy, not just cut and paste responses. really cares and is funny and real. So much better then going to see a nutritionist in a doc office and cheaper. So awesome to just text him everything

"Excellent services for online support!"

"He’s very attentive and understanding of your needs."

"Jake is the absolute best!"

Knows his stuff! First month in the books ready to keep the progress going in month 2!

"Jake is fantastic to work with!"

He pays attention to what you're saying and listens to what you need. He has a great sense of humor which makes it so much easier to work on nutrition.He is very knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness. I also appreciate that he takes time to figure out a fitness routine that works for your schedule and lifestyle. I travel a lot for work and he gave me fantastic workout tips that I can use literally anywhere whether there is a hotel gym or not.It's also easy to tell that he is invested in transforming lives. Helping people achieve goals but also live their best lives.Thank you, Jake!

"very nice and very professional."

As I am still in progress and will write an updated review, he has been very nice and very professional. As well as he has vast knowledge and is able to answer all of my questions right away.

"very flexible with my time"

Jake was an awesome, awesome person to work with. He was very flexible with my time and walked with every step of the way. I would definitely hire jake again 😀

"Really listened to my goals and has a great personality!"

"very helpful helping me eat better"

Great workout plans, very helpful helping me eat better and very responsive to all of my questions. It did not take long for me to notice a change in my body following Jake's advice.

"first impression is wonderful!"

I am just starting my journey with Jake but my first impression is wonderful! He talked to me for over 45 minutes and really got to know me and my concerns. He was very responsive and had an answer for all my questions! I highly recommend using him.

"Awesome experience"

"My quality of life is so much better"

It's only been a month and he's already helped me tremendously. My quality of life is so much better and I can't wait to become even healthier and stronger

"Still experiencing it but so far so good."

"answers all my questions no matter how silly"

I started with Jake at the end of December. He is very committed to working with me to help me achieve my goals. He answers all my questions no matter how silly they may seem and he educated me about food which is my biggest take away. I've lost nearly 15 pounds and I look forward to continue working with Jake to achieve my long term goals. If you are looking to make some positive changes in your lifestyle and eating habits, definitely give Jake a try!

"I adore jake!"

He truly cares for your well-being and for you to reach your goals.

"helping me to reach my goals"

He was great at analyzing my fitness level and my diet and is helping me to reach my goals by creating a plan custom for me.

"beyond encouraging, motivating, and fun"

Jake is an excellent trainer. It hasn't been long and I already feel and see results. He's beyond encouraging, motivating, and fun to workout with! (Plus He helps me to laugh at myself!) I enjoy the variations in his workouts and that's he's always pushing me to do my best. Training with Jake at my home, given that I have a 3 year old son, has allowed me to make fitness and my health a priority again! Fyi* he's great with kids and dogs! ;)

"delivers exceptional results"

Jake is an outstanding personal trainer. He delivers exceptional results through a combination of personal experience, knowledge and research and he creates a comprehensive programme which truly gets results.Jake's great interpersonal skills makes training an enjoyable experience with total quality in every respect.I'd highly recommend him to anyone!

"workouts feel tailored to my needs and goals."

I have been working out with Jake for a little over a month. I have been feeling great and already getting tons of compliments on my toner body. The workouts feel tailored to my needs and goals.

"from beginner to achiever."

Jake's a great trainer and a great person. His knowledge of all things, nutrition, the human condition...all come into play as you go from beginner to achiever. I can't say enough good things about Jake. You'll be in good hands and can thank me later

"I can't think of any one I'd rather trust"

Jake is inspiring, he actually lives what he teaches and looks amazing for it! I can't think of any one I'd rather trust with my health and fitness.

"knows my limits and pushes me to reach them"

Jake is patient, committed and one amazing trainer. He gets me and understands what I want to achieve. He knows my limits and pushes me to reach them and then pushes some more!! He has made me realise what I can achieve and I love every minute!! Thank you Jake! 💪✌️

"I didn't like 'traditional' exercise"

Jake helped me with training advice and nutrition advice. His information has really helped me, both in terms of improving health and fitness levels. He is incredibly motivating and inspiring - and he was so keen to help me as an individual and find out what would work best for me. I didn't like 'traditional' exercise, like endless runs or boring gym machines - but Jake could find ways to mix it up, keep it fresh and interesting, and I even managed to have fun along the way! I would definitely recommend Jake as a personal trainer to help you achieve your individual health and fitness goals.

"managing to run 3 miles"

Awesome trainer! Thanks Jake now managing to run 3 miles could just about run to the end of my road a month ago!! Feeling great and booked in for my local fun run in May. Thank you so much !

"I'm one happy customer"

Thank you Jake for all your help I've been training with trainers for years but with with no real change !You've changed my life by giving me the confidence and knowledge to totally transform my body.... I'm one happy customer :) x

"Take advantage of his skills!!"

Jake is like this mutant that the UK had to get rid of because he was getting the general public in too good of shape! The government got nervous and relocated him to the USA in the fitness protection program! Take advantage of his skills!!

"This guy is a pro- expect results"

Jake is an amazing personal trainer who goes above and beyond to meet the individual needs of his clients. He has amazing knowledge and a great handle of the human musculoskeletal system which means as a client I am really in good hands. This guy is a pro- expect results and to have fun whilst getting them. Thank you!

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