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$150.00/Month. That's only $5.00 a day.

         Take your fitness journey to the next level with custom workouts, nutrition advice, and unlimited online support from your highly exclusive online nutritionist and personal trainer. 

       Brick-and-mortar nutritionists and trainers can't touch us! They cost a fortune for a fraction of the access. At Body Upgrade, we offer unlimited messaging 24/7 and video chats with your nutritionist and trainer. And no other online training program provides the same level of support and quality.

     Daily check-ins and weekly evaluations center on your goals with science-backed techniques that fast-track your success, so you can ditch cardio and diets for good. 

      Everything is written and customized just for you, so no two plans are alike. Whether you’re working out at home, lifting at the gym, or staying fit while you travel, your online trainer will create unique workouts based on the equipment that you have on hand. 

      In addition to custom food plans and nutrition advice, your coach will also be tracking macros to help you stay accountable at meal times.

      Whether you’re looking to slim down, get back into shape, train for an athletic goal, or make a huge weight loss change, Body Upgrade is here to help. You’ll be paired with a world-class trainer who is committed to your goals and knows how to help you get there. 

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1. Personalized food plans by a licensed nutritionist 

2. Custom workouts written just for you

3. 24/7 virtual access to your trainer through text and video chat 

4. Sync your FitBit in the members-only app 

5. Meet your goals – guaranteed or get your money back! 


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